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There are thousands of things that you need to do but your time and energy are limited. We got you!

With a remote assistant, you’ll be able to:

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Engage in a variety of tasks and projects

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Save costs by eliminating costs like commuting

Grow professionally by working with visionary entrepreneurs

Candidates FAQ

These cover general questions that candidates have.

How can I apply to be added to the pool of assistants?

Simply fill out the candidate sign up form and we will reach out with the next steps.

When will I hear back after applying to join the candidate pool?

Our onboarding process occurs once a month, so you can expect to hear from us during the following month after submitting your application. For instance, if you apply in August, you can anticipate a response in September. We will promptly contact all applicants through email, providing precise dates for the assessment, interview, and onboarding stages.

What are you looking for when assessing candidates?

When assessing candidates, we look for a combination of key qualities and skills that make them an ideal fit for the role. Specifically, we seek candidates who are smart, possess excellent communication skills, demonstrate a strong learning mindset, and have the necessary hard skills required to fulfill the specific role they are applying for.

Can I apply if I do not have work experience?

Currently, our priority is to consider candidates with a minimum of 1 year of work experience. If you're new to the field, we encourage you to join our community, where you'll receive notifications regarding resources and openings specifically suited for entry-level individuals. We believe in fostering a supportive environment for all skill levels and are committed to providing opportunities for growth and development within our community.

What happens if I am not selected to join the pool of candidates?

If you are not selected, don't worry! You can still join our community and gain access to valuable resources designed to help you upskill and enhance your abilities. We believe in continuous growth and development, and our community is here to support you on your journey. Additionally, you are welcome to reapply after a period of 3 months. We understand that circumstances may change, and we encourage you to try again when you feel ready.

How long does it take to get a client once I join the pool?

The duration to secure a client after joining the pool can vary. It primarily depends on the extent to which your skills match the specific requirements that clients are seeking. While we make every effort to facilitate client connections promptly, the timeframe is influenced by factors such as demand and the specific skill sets that you have. Rest assured, we are dedicated to expediting the process and connecting you with clients as quickly as possible to kickstart your journey as an assistant.

How much does it cost to join the candidate pool?

It is free! Sign up today by filling out the candidate sign up form and we will send a follow up with the next steps.

Do you still provide training for new assistants?

Currently, we are not offering training for new assistants. However, we have plans to reintroduce training in 2024. To stay updated and be notified when training becomes available, we encourage you to join our professsional community. By doing so, you'll be among the first to know when we bring back the training program. We value your interest in enhancing your skills and are committed to supporting your growth as an assistant.

Still have questions?

Check out more frequently asked questions on our FAQ page. If you don’t get the answers, contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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