Mastering social media management: A guide for virtual assistants

April 9, 2024
Mastering social media management: A guide for virtual assistants

Did you know that social media management is one of the most sought-after skills in marketing right now? This means there are plenty of opportunities for virtual assistants to offer social media management services as part of what they do.

In this article, we are going to share a recap of our March virtual event: Mastering social media management: A guide for virtual assistants. During this event, we talked about these topics:

  • The definition of social media management
  • Understanding the social media management landscape
  • Most sought-after social media services and niches 
  • Launching social media management services as a virtual assistant
  • How to attract and retain clients in social media management
  • Marketing tactics to show social media management expertise 
  • Social media management tools that you need to know
  • How to get social media management clients
  • Resources to gain free social media management skills

Read on to learn all the valuable tips that our guest Sarafina Nyawira, a digital marketing and personal branding professional with three years of experience, shared during this event.

The definition of social media management

We will start by defining social media management. Social media management is the process of analyzing social media platforms and developing a strategy that’s tailored to them, creating and distributing content for social media profiles, monitoring online conversations, collaborating with influencers, providing online community management, and monitoring, measuring, and reporting on social media performance and ROI.

Understanding the social media management landscape

The social media industry is exceptionally dynamic, with frequent changes and developments. To succeed in social media management, it's crucial to understand this constantly evolving landscape.

Here are some tips to help you stay updated in this fast-paced industry:


  1. Keep up with new platforms

Every year, advancements in technology bring forth new platforms, which in turn, prompt brands to explore new ways of engaging online. Furthermore, social media companies can readily introduce new platforms or apps to complement their existing ones. As a virtual assistant specializing in social media management, it's crucial to stay abreast of these developments since clients seek professionals with knowledge of emerging platforms. For instance, Threads by Meta was recently introduced, prompting business owners to consider incorporating it into their online presence strategy. A proactive virtual assistant would begin familiarizing themselves with Threads so that they can offer Threads management to clients.

  1. Keep up with new platform features

Social media apps consistently enhance their features and products to cater to individual user preferences. It's essential to stay vigilant for these updates, as they often present opportunities for innovation and improvement. These new features might enable you to target niche audiences more effectively, craft customized posts, and much more. Take Instagram's reels, for example, a new feature rapidly adopted by brands. As a virtual assistant overseeing social media platforms, mastering these updates will distinguish your services and attract clients seeking these specialized skills.

  1. Keep up with trending topics in the social media space

Trends serve as valuable opportunities for brands to engage in ongoing conversations. Many business owners leverage trending topics to raise awareness about their services, mission, or social causes they support. Therefore, as a social media manager, it's essential to stay alert to trending topics and explore ways you or your client can contribute to the conversation. Recently, there has been a surge in interest around AI, particularly regarding its coexistence with humans in the workplace. Audiences are often eager to participate in such discussions and this increases engagement. You can also explore our blogs discussing the role of AI in the virtual assistant field through this link:

  1. Keep tweaking your social media strategies

Given the dynamic nature of the social media landscape, as illustrated by the previous three points, it's essential to continuously review and refine your social media strategies. This involves staying updated on platform changes, understanding audience preferences, and analyzing analytics. It's crucial to identify successful strategies from unsuccessful ones, allowing you to enhance the outcomes of your services and remain competitive in the market.

Most sought-after social media services and niches

There are so many social media services that you can offer to clients. These include: content creation, creating social media graphics, copywriting, social media strategy formulation, customer support, online community management, social media analytics and reporting, and more…

Choosing the right niche and services to offer to clients is a vital part of your success as a social media manager. Understanding the demand for specific niches and services can assist you in refining your offerings.

Here are some of the most in-demand services and niches:

  1. Video content creation

Do you enjoy being on camera? Do you possess a knack for creatively editing videos to produce captivating content? If you excel at timing sound effects, selecting soundtracks, crafting seamless transitions, incorporating emojis, and other related skills, now is the perfect time to explore providing video content creation services. With many platforms currently prioritizing video content, there's a significant demand from clients seeking assistance in creating videos for various social media platforms.

  1. Online personal branding for clients

Currently, business owners are striving to differentiate themselves by developing compelling personal brands. This entails establishing themselves as thought leaders within their respective industries by sharing content online to highlight their expertise. As a virtual assistant, this presents an excellent opportunity for you to assist clients in creating and maintaining their online personal brands.

  1. Brand storytelling 

Brand storytelling involves selling your brand by persuading your audience to embrace your vision, inspirations, and purpose. Its popularity is rising as customers seek to align with brands that resonate with their values and missions. As a virtual assistant, learning how to help clients grow their businesses through social media brand storytelling is a compelling area worth exploring. This powerful method has been effectively employed by brands to captivate and engage customers and audiences alike.

  1. Live tweeting

Live tweeting is an often overlooked yet straightforward method to begin offering your social media management services. It entails tweeting essential points discussed during an event or conference to maintain engagement and participation in ongoing conversations. While brands aiming to expand on Twitter are a significant portion of clients seeking virtual assistant services in this area, live tweeting can also be utilized on other social media platforms.

  1. Speaking– podcasts, videos, hosting X spaces

Brands utilize events, podcasts, and videos to enhance their visibility and address topics relevant to their products or services. Consequently, this sector represents one of the fastest-growing opportunities for social media services that you can provide as a virtual assistant. Many brands are willing to enlist virtual assistants to generate voice-overs for videos, manage podcasts, host Twitter spaces, and more.

Launching your social media management services as a virtual assistant

Now that you’ve understood the social media management landscape and you know the most sought-after skills, how do you launch your social media management services as a virtual assistant?

Here are some practical ways to get you going:

  1. Define the social media management services you intend to offer

Create a comprehensive list of social media services that resonate with your strengths and interests. Are you proficient in video creation? If so, platforms like Instagram and YouTube might be your best starting points. Do you excel at crafting concise written content? Consider focusing on platforms like Twitter and Threads. By identifying a specific niche aligned with your strengths, you can provide greater value and establish yourself as an expert in that area.

  1. Build your online presence

As you look to run client social media platforms, establishing a constant presence on social media is key. Prospective clients will likely assess your social media presence to gauge your expertise and effectiveness in managing platforms. Therefore, ensure you regularly update your social media profiles with content that highlights your skills and resonates with your target audience, ultimately attracting your ideal clients.

  1. Create a digital portfolio

As a virtual assistant striving to differentiate yourself in today's digital landscape, crafting a digital portfolio is essential. This portfolio serves as a visual representation of your work as a social media manager, showcasing your projects and experiences. Organize your portfolio into distinct categories, allowing clients to navigate through your work effortlessly. Utilize tools such as Canva to create visually appealing social media portfolios. By presenting your portfolio alongside your resume/CV, you'll make a memorable impression and stand out to potential clients during the hiring process.

  1. Network and collaborate

Engage in online forums like Rotaract, Toastmasters, Bulb Interactive, and more to expand your professional network to enhance your chances of connecting with potential clients. You should also consider joining relevant online communities such as WhatsApp and Facebook groups. Attend networking events as part of your marketing strategy and service launch. Collaborate with fellow online professionals and brands to increase your visibility and expose your brand to new audiences. By actively participating in these activities, you'll broaden your reach and opportunities for client acquisition.

  1. Offer freebies – lives, blog posts, downloadable guides

As you embark on your journey, offering freebies can effectively introduce people to your services. If you enjoy speaking, consider hosting live sessions on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube - leverage whichever platform you're most active on and conduct as many live sessions as possible. If writing is your forte, produce numerous blog posts and create guides tailored for social media beginners. These guides could cover a range of topics, from setting up social media accounts to managing them effectively, hosting discussions, and crafting engaging posts. Establishing yourself as an authority in the field through these initiatives will attract more clients eager to collaborate with you.

  1. Create accounts on job platforms 

Expand your client base by joining platforms like Gebeya, Upwork, Fiverr, and Runnovate. These platforms are actively utilized by clients to find talented professionals like you. By creating a profile on these platforms, you gain exposure to clients seeking to fill roles within their companies. This provides you with valuable opportunities to connect with potential clients and secure new projects.

  1. Acquire experience through volunteering

Keep an eye out for local businesses or clients who may be struggling with their social media presence. Offer to volunteer and assist them in managing their accounts, aiding them in expanding their online reach, increasing their followers, and attracting more customers. This hands-on experience not only enhances your marketing skills but also provides valuable content to add to your digital portfolio, showcasing your expertise to potential clients. Starting out can be challenging, so gaining experience through volunteer work will help you stand out in the competitive market.

How to attract and retain clients in social media management

Now that you've learned how to begin your journey as a virtual assistant, you might wonder how to attract clients to sign up for your services and how to retain them once they've signed up.

Here are some tips to help you both attract and retain clients:

  1. Underpromise and overdeliver

When discussing project tasks with your client, be strategic in what you commit to deliver. Avoid overcommitting to impress the client at the expense of your own well-being. Instead, promise modestly but deliver substantial results and impact, leaving a positive impression on your clients.

  1. Stay committed to learning to remain relevant

Learning is an integral aspect of social media management, as changes occur constantly. Stay updated on all developments happening within the social media industry. Clients rely on your relevance and ability to adeptly navigate trendy social media platforms.

  1. Ensure timely reporting on tasks before their deadlines

At times, tasks may require more time than initially planned. For instance, editing a video might take longer than expected. In such situations, communication with your client is crucial. By informing them promptly, you ensure they are aware of any delays, enabling them to adjust their expectations or explore alternative solutions. Conversely, if you complete a task ahead of schedule, early reporting allows you to earn recognition for your efficient services.

  1. Value and incorporate client feedback

Client feedback is very important, particularly in the initial months of engagement. Pay close attention to both areas of tension and satisfaction expressed in client feedback. This valuable insight enables you to refine your services to better align with your clients' needs and preferences. If a client doesn't offer feedback directly, take the initiative to request it, allowing you to gather essential information to enhance your services.

  1. Include soft skills alongside technical skills

A well-rounded skill set combines both technical expertise and soft skills. Alongside knowing how to execute a service, soft skills like effective communication are essential. As you manage a client's social media presence, you'll regularly engage with customers seeking information. Strong communication skills are vital in making them feel valued and fostering trust with your client.

  1. Ask your current clients to refer you to new clients 

Harness the power of client referrals by asking your satisfied clients to advocate for your services to others, effectively turning them into brand ambassadors. This strategy is particularly effective when you've delivered exceptional service to your clients. Additionally, consider implementing a referral program to incentivize and reward clients for their referrals, further amplifying your client network and brand reputation.

Marketing tactics to show your social media management expertise

Demonstrating your proficiency in social media management not only attracts clients but also establishes you as an industry expert. As you advance in your virtual assistant career, it's essential to highlight your capabilities to consistently secure more opportunities.

Below are some marketing tactics to effectively showcase your expertise:

  1. Leverage case studies and success stories

Highlighting your satisfied clients and successful projects is crucial. In your CVs, digital portfolio, and other platforms, provide detailed accounts of client success stories and case studies. Explain the strategies you implemented and the impact they had, showcasing specific outcomes. Including before-and-after comparisons can effectively illustrate the transformative effect of your work.

  1. Leverage social proof using testimonials 

Request testimonials from satisfied clients and prominently display them on your social media platforms and websites. These testimonials carry significant weight and can greatly influence prospective clients to choose to work with you.

  1. Maintain an active social media presence

Remain active on your social media platforms to continue attracting new clients and to stay updated with the ever-evolving social media landscape. This consistent presence also ensures you are always learning the new features and platforms, and gaining more expertise.

  1. Get certifications to enhance your credibility

Certifications serve as tangible evidence of your dedication to learning and mastering a skill. Continuously enrolling in courses and obtaining certifications demonstrates to clients your commitment to proficiency. Numerous online certification programs are available to help you expand your knowledge and fill any gaps in your expertise.

  1. Master your craft and position yourself as a thought leader

Dive deeper into acquiring knowledge within your niche and area of expertise. Continuously strive to enhance your skills in your chosen field by learning every day. Take initiative by presenting talks at events and sharing your experiences with others to establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry. This not only builds trust with brands seeking to collaborate with you but also motivates you to pursue ongoing learning and development.

There are numerous tools, apps, and platforms that enable you to navigate social media with ease. Whether you need to design social media graphics, schedule posts, monitor analytics, edit videos, and more, social media management tools have got you covered. We’ve covered these tools in our previous blogs: Social media management tools for virtual assistants, Content creation and graphic design tools for virtual assistants and Essential tools for virtual assistants

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